jueves, 30 de septiembre de 2010

Second Year of my Website!

Hoy mi web cumple dos años. El primer año visitaron mi web 30.000 personas. Este segundo año ha sido mejor y la han visitado 36.000 personas. A continuación os dejo las estadísticas y lo que más ilusión me hace: todos los países desde donde soy visitado.

Today my site is two years old. The first year 30,000 people visited my website. This second year has been better and 36,000 people have visited it. Then I leave the statistics and what makes me more excited: all countries from where I have been visited.

Total Visitors: 36.676.
Page Views: 82.052.
Images that have been seen: 1.128.928
Countrys: Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, France, Italy, Netherlands, Greece, Germany, India, Australia, Portugal, Poland, Belgium, Canada, Thailand, Russia, Singapore, USA, Romania, Chile, Republic of China, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Israel, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, Dominican Republic, Japan, Czech Republic, Croatia, Uruguay, New Zealand, Sweden, South Africa, Indonesia, Pakistan, Slovakia, Tuvalu, Denmark, Jordan, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Hungary, Cyprus, Iran, Zimbabwe... and more.

Is incredible! Thanks to all the visitors!!!!